Monday, March 22, 2021

Triggers and Rewards - The knee jerk Reactions

Light and sound are the most recognized force that humans understand vibration and the best logical meaning is by using sound waves or what we know as vibration.  When I am in tune with vibration and energy manifestation happens for me in real time. Vibration as I understand is everything that we are, we as humans are vibrational beings. What I  am aiming for is not using my  physical sense to observe but to use my emotional sense to learn real time manifestation. 

To Feel 

To Know

To Acknowledge 

I can only speak to  that my career in the past 25 years has been focused based on voice.  Through teaching, massage, relaxation therapy, Reiki, Yoga and meditation even my career in hypnosis. I have been there, trying to think myself into a better place.  It can feel helpful but that’s when triggers can show up and this is when I need to focus on the mental body and on the feeling to change the loop I  am in that caused the trigger and  seeks a reward. 

When I am  angry  or frustrated about something my attention is fixed on it and there is no solving the problem or situation there is only more negative attracted to it. Remember the law of attraction.  Energy flows where thoughts go.  The more and more unwanted and undealthy energy shows up. 

So how do I get out of the loop?  Withdraw from the situation that will only get bigger and go more general. I  reach for my  journal or day planner and document a short description that caused me to feel some sort of negative emotion. A trigger is when  I come together with another and compare data in a conversation and then the trigger can be activated in one another basically what is called an experience and most times our alignment is left out in the cold. I like many can see what is in front of me and respond to the knee jerk reaction.  When I feel triggered I do not worry if the other person is self gauged, I have learned to  to go to my feelings and vibrate there but the lesson is that if the  situation happens  on a recurrence you have not  really  accomplished  alignment, the  trigger is still very dominant.

Still with me? 

Yes the lesson I have learned is that my belief then is where I last left it.  Self alignment caused me to move my gauge into a different place so I do not have recurring triggers over the same issues. Figuring out your  process, not mine , not the board of directors or faculty is what we aim to teach and train our clergy and leaders to do.  The notebook helps you and I  keep the focus.   I teach by what is going on in my life. I created in the Grove Seminary group a welcome post, people calibrated to it some  better than others. A direct statement was made and this caused an emotional feeling of judgement causing me to feel judged and misunderstood.  I am sure each person can relate to this vulnerability to some degree.  Today I wrote I felt  criticised and misunderstood in my journal so that I can identify with this feeling,  and guage my emotion to it and as I focus on the misunderstood there is a wave of understanding that was vibrationally set out from this  experience and understanding happens. Law of attraction shows me I am calibrated to how I do things best, I have my priorities straight, doing what really matters in the timing and creation of things that I am met with so then add into  why  things should not be done this way and it caused me to ask the hard questions; the big reason why? 

Q: How do I really feel? 

What is my dominant vibration and feelings about who I am and what I desire? 

Am I adequate? Or am I very Adequate? 

Am I foolish? Or am I wise? 

Am I in love with my life or do I  not like where I am in life? 

All questions I have deep rooted answers to due to the working of my program and framework that I can answer these quickly. The lesson we teach is to step back from the situation or the conversation and gauge it with yourself and the whole of your being. I am  happy and grateful the community member asked the hard question. I do not need absolute agreement with everything I do because I am in harmony with who I am.  It is not  the job of others to approve of my  alignment.  Therefor  by stepping back from the condition of the situation I have taken the experience and sought inside validation to who I am and in doing this I have shifted that vibration and it is no longer attached emotionally to this experience. 

This is  what we teach in Leadership.  Drop a comment below we love to hear from  the community.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

First Quarter Moon

 First Quarter Moon 

Welcome to the #firstquartermoon This occurs about a week after the #darkmoon and when I start to feel some resistance in the form of obstacles that come up from the planting of my new moon intentions..

Ah yes hurdlesville.

Watch for the challenges, decisions and actions. The tide of rest and intention is over.

Am I prepared to make decisions on the spot? Not lose my shit when things come at me out of nowhere? The lesson of the tide is flexibility.

Keeping intentions I set during the dark moon in my mind the entire time, working on the decisions that can bring about changes and keeping a journal of those seasonal yearly activities is important.

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Pagan Pride Day 2021 - CANCELLED Due to COVID- 19


Pagan Pride Update for 2021 

For those who know me, I took on the role of Local Coordinator for the Official Pagan Pride event in our area in 2014.  

We have held small gatherings these past few years.  

We were not able to host in 2020 due to the pandemic and Provincial Mandates.  Michelle Regnier and Wayne Petruk have stepped up to Chair  Official Pagan Pride Days in Vernon BC.  

However  Michelle and Wayne  have shared that they have spoken with Lisa at the Vernon Recreation and Parks and there is to be no applications for community gatherings at this time for PPD for 2021.  

We were excited to have the  vendors back again if we were using Vernon BC.  

If you need more information or should anyone want to  volunteer on the committee for Pagan Pride 2022 please email us at attention  Michelle OPPD2022


Chanter Reedwich 


Saturday, March 6, 2021

Spring Equinox 2021- The Light of Spring - Pilgrimage Walk Fundraiser

The Season has come for the Celtic festival of  Alban Eilir, ( Spring Equinox)  the light of spring

 We have walked through the turning point within the season of Imbolc, marking the time of equal night and day when the sun rises in the east. As we represent interfaith, this is the season taken on by the Christian Church and blended into Easter, a word that itself stems from the Saxon goddess Eostre, having the same root as  oestrogen and the waking of earth's fertility.  

From this point forward, our days become longer than our nights and the SUN GOD begins again taking up his toolkit of manhood as the Goddess maiden sheds her blood for the first time as we she her womanhood in the  springtime flowers. 

As we welcome in the season we are building up towards the Spring Equinox. Take notice now on the SUN and where it rises and where he sets. Add this into your life book ( BOS or Grimoire) .

This season is all about CHANGE!

Explore the world around you.  Find those personal limitations and break through those barriers. 

If that is too much for you, think about other ways to pass it or go through the barriers.  

What habits need to be changed? 

Fear holds you back from growth, does this fear serve you? 

Does the fear add or devalue you?

Is there a god of change, or who are the gods of change? 

Stay tuned for next week's post as we discuss how to honor the gods of change!

We are holding this charitable fundraiser to help our outreach service programs over the province of BC. 

Eagle Loop Trail

With your payment to the Grove,  you will receive 1 of the 3  Certificate of Completion 2021  Pilgrimage Walks.

* Credits towards Clergy and Leadership Training. 

Introduction to Spiritual Pilgrimage 


Saturday March 20, 2021

11 AM -3 PM

Workshop Length 4 Hours + 

(Fundraiser for the Grove ) $75.00 per  person.

Spaces: 10

Participants must be covid friendly ( Bring your own water and snacks) 

No side by side walking. 

The goal is silence as you reflect natures, enjoy the crows, Ravens and Eagles. 

We will be talking (at breakpoint)  about Ponderosa Pines and her sap for bushcraft and survival. Be sure to bring  latex gloves and a baggie or a container for your collections.   

If you do not have paypal you can etransfer Chanter at

Saturday, February 27, 2021



We are happy to announce that Grove of the Red Dragon and Aboriginal, Traditional Pagans will be facilitating Beltane 2021 and Sacred Moon Coven from Vernon BC will be providing the ritual of May Queen, King and Jester and the traditional Maypole Dance. 



Beaver Lake Recreational Site.  Please use google maps.   Fire Ban Link  COVID- 19 Link for BC Camping 

Thursday April 29, 2021 

Set Up 9 am 

✔ Community Connections

✔ Activities Planned TBA 

✔ Bring a table and be a Pagan Peddler - Selling Vendors Welcome. 

Friday April 30, 2021
✔ Greeting the Sun Meditation

✔ Community Connections

✔ Activities Planned TBA 

Saturday May 1, 2021 BELTANE (Calan Mai) 

Greeting the Sun Meditation 

Preparation for Ritual 

Women's Mysteries 

Men's Mysteries 

✔ Choosing the May Queen & King 

✔ Maypole Dance 

✔ Rotary Centre of the Arts - Documentary Production

✔ Fire Ritual - TBA 

Due to Covid Mandated Restrictions there will be:
 ✧No shared feast

 ✧Chairs around the fire pit at night  2 meters apart

 ✧Maypole dancers will have face masks on  for mandated restrictions. 

 ✧Camp sites are first come first served and no sharing sites ( family members only per camp)  

Sunday May 2, 2021 - Clean Up Go Home !

✔ No Activities 

✔ Good Byes and  Family Fun!